Our Mission

We develop custom mobile applications, websites, and offer a wide range of technical services within the private and public sectors.

At Colorful Dots, our mission is to enable people and organizations in public and private sectors to reach their greatest potential through the use of our world-class digital products and technology services.

Our vision is founded upon our belief that the power of technology should not be underestimated; technology has the power to improve lives. We push the boundaries of technology forward for every client we serve.

Who Are We?

Colorful Dots, LLC is a full service information technology company that offers a wide range of technical services to both public and private sectors. We are extremely passionate and dedicated to deliver the best results possible.

What Do We Do?

We design and develop brands, databases, custom content management systems, portals, prototypes, landing pages, mobile apps, websites, desktop apps, animations, experiments, and more. Check out our full list of services we offer.

When Did We Begin?

Colorful Dots, LLC was incorporated in the State of New York on March 2018.

Where Are We Located?

Colorful Dots is headquartered in Brooklyn, NY.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

To simply make our collective online world better, brighter, and brilliant.


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Technologies We Heart

We believe in the power of open source technologies to simply make our collective online world better, brighter, and brilliant.

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