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Custom Software Development Services

Colorful Dots, LLC - Native Mobile (IOS & Android)

Native Mobile (IOS & Android)

From idea to market, or from existing web to mobile, we will deliver. Whether you and your team are planning on launching an Android app or an Apple IOS app, we will facilitate the entire lifecyle and get your idea into your customers hands quickly.

Colorful Dots, LLC - Custom Software Development Services

Custom Software Development Services

We offer custom software development services to help you pull off your next project with minimal stress and minimal cost. Our team has the technical prowess to power you and your team through every stage of the product development lifecycle, from discovery to ongoing post-launch enhancements.

Colorful Dots, LLC - MVP's and Prototypes

MVP's and Prototypes

When a great idea pops into your head after an inspiring meeting with your team, there are often challenges with executing the idea into something tangible. We can help you unlock the idea and help launch your rocket ship quickly and effectively.

To help keep costs low for our clients, we have created custom web and mobile frameworks to help us rapidly develop your idea into something you can present to your team, users, and investors to clearly communicate your vision.

Colorful Dots, LLC - UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Our designers and developers work closely with you to create tailored solutions. We believe that before we write a single line of code, we’re positive this is the most effective solution for you. Once we arrive at the structure and functionality of your product, our designers will visualize and test it while the development team builds it.

Colorful Dots, LLC - Analytics Services


Our analytics services are fueled by intelligent insights based on industry-leading real-time statistics and the most powerful analytical software available. Monitoring traffic is not only a method of calculating the number of visitors who experience your product or service online but also an invaluable means of quickly recognizing trends, analyzing your visitors' habits, and making the appropriate adjustments towards increased user and sales conversions.

Colorful Dots, LLC - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Putting together the right SEO strategy requires a competitive analysis, comparing your site against the sites ranking for your chosen key phrases. This analysis gives a clear picture of "where you stand" among your competition If you want to dominate rankings for your chosen keyword phrases it’s critical to analyze why your competition may or may not be doing better than you are.

We will work with you on a monthly basis reviewing your ranking reports to determine the best course of action for your project.

Colorful Dots, LLC - Monthly Retainer Agreements

Monthly Retainer Agreements

You and your team may have slow months during the off seasons. There may even be some internal downsizing, or just reconsiderations on becoming more efficient. We can assist in establishing an agreement that will allow us to perform and complete on going technical requests, deliver features, and keep your costs down.

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