Hang Out

There are several destinations to Hang Out in. You and your friends can hang out in an Office for a business meeting. A Night Club for a date night and dancing. A Coffee Shop for the early birds. A Nature Park for the real birds. A Game Room for the pool, ping pong, weapons, air hockey table, flying, and much more. A Four Screen Movie Theater for some additional entertainment. A Linguistics Room to learn new languages from other people throughout the world. And so much more!

Project status: Launched

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We were tasked with creating a Virtual Reality Experience that brings people together in the same room. Given the social challenges with the current COVID-19 Pandemic, we knew we had to provide a place for people to continue to socialize and carry on with the traditional activities people do together.


We used to hang out in person, but now we can't thanks to the pandemic, distance, and other factors. Virtual Reality feels like the real thing and really anything is possible in the virtual world.


We created the Virtual Reality Experience, Hang Out to help connect friends from anywhere in the world. It honestly feels as if they were in the same room. We launched on Sidequest to be able to quickly deliver our app to a strong community of Oculus Quest users.


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