Using Facebook's React Native technology, we can reduce the complexity and cost of your mobile app development project significantly. Not only we can design and develop apps that look nice on both Android and iOS platforms, but also we make sure we don’t build the same module twice. That keeps us working on exciting new features while reducing the cost of development for you. We are React Native experts. We know exactly how to build apps that use the benefits of a cross-platform solutions while making sure the native modules are used to boost performance. With our Mobile App Development services, you will gain increased performance, acquire new users, and consistent user experiences across multiple platforms.
React Native, an open-source framework from Facebook, builds on the popular React JavaScript framework, allowing developers to create cross-platform iOS and Android applications using JavaScript. It differs from other cross-platform frameworks that use JavaScript (such as PhoneGap, Titanium, etc.) because, although the application logic runs in JavaScript, the resulting application UI is 100% native.
Our team can create a rapid prototype using React Native in under 5-10 days. We've extremely fluent in React's API and documentation.
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