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Experimental playground for our developers to showcase
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Colorful Dots, LLC - Project: Colors

Project: Colors

We launched our color app to help our clients play around with colors for branding, designs, inspiration and more.

Colorful Dots, LLC - Project: Technology Glossary

Project: Technology Glossary

We created a very useful technology resource for our clients to help define common computer programming terminology. Our intention is to help junior developers, product owners, designers and more understand and communicate technology "mumbo jumbo" with software engineers and developers more effectively.

Project: Web & Mobile App Estimators

Mobile App Cost Estimator

Website Cost Estimator

We developed our Website & Mobile App Cost Estimators to help our customers get a better understanding of where their money ends up going on a custom website and or mobile application. We will be adding more features to the estimators over time to help you understand the price breakdowns.

Colorful Dots, LLC - Project: Web & Mobile App Estimators
Colorful Dots, LLC - Project: Virtual Reality Learning System

Project: VR Learning System

Immersive Virtual Reality Education & Learning System. Advanced technology designed to help raise engagement & increase knowledge retention for students of all ages.

Anticipated Launch: Fall 2019

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