Software Development

We're Experienced

We've been developing custom software for nearly two decades. Throughout our time, we have seen the industry explode. It is our role to stay current with technology and provide our clients with our collected knowledge to help them leverage the number one seat in their respective markets.

Our Lifecycle Process

We follow a six step software development process that works well for our team and our clients.
Our software development process is outlined below:

Requirement Analysis

In the requirement analysis phase we will ask some difficult questions, so be prepared to know your business and industry inside and out. These questions will help us better understand your industry, product, service, risks, legalities, audience, timeline, budget, competition, expectations and more.

Once we have these questions answered and fully understood, we will then create a Product Requirement Document that will serve as a guideline for all stake holders to follow.

Software Development

Once we have reached the Software Development Phase in our process our clients will start to see less engagement from our team in terms of directly interfacing our clients and their teams. Naturally, software development requires complete focus, attention to detail, and developers work best with a fully prepared Product Requirement Document which guides them through the process which at this point shouldn't introduce changes to the product scope.

Throughout this phase, we may ask our clients to test, review, and provide feedback on progress that will be visible on private staging and development environments.


After the code is developed it is tested against the requirements to make sure that the product is actually solving the needs addressed and gathered during the requirements phase. During this phase all types of functional testing like unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing are done as well as non-functional testing are also done.


After successful testing the product is delivered / deployed to the customer for their use.

As soon as the product is given to the customers they will first do the beta testing. If any changes are required or if any bugs are caught, then they will report it to the engineering team. Once those changes are made or the bugs are fixed then the final deployment will happen.


Once when the customers starts using the developed system then the actual problems comes up and needs to be solved from time to time. This process where the care is taken for the developed product is known as maintenance.


After the phases of software development have been completed, we now continue on to the top of the process again and make refinements based on user feedback and other gathered metrics.