Handcrafted Designs

We create and deliver handcrafted designs and illustrations in the highest resolutions possible. We offer pixel perfect detail with every client and project

Our Process

We follow a seven step design process that works well for our team and our clients.
Our design process is outlined below:


During the Engage phase, we'll ask a lot of questions, do a lot of listening and ultimately learn about your business. We need to understand your hopes, fears, and vision for your product so we can co-create the best outcomes for you. As a team we'll collaborate on scope, project cadence, and any deliverables you'll need for success.


The Explore phase emphasizes collecting as much background information as possible by reviewing any relevant accounts, demos, and customer research. We'll fill in the gaps by conducting more research on your markets, users, and competitors.


Drawing on what we've learned in the Explore phase, we'll identify opportunities that will make the most impact on your business. This is where we'll discuss content you have or may need, technical requirements, and brand guidelines to consider during user experience and visual design activities to bring your project to life.


Using the knowledge we gathered in the Define phase, we'll start challenging hypotheses, creating solutions, and testing them with your target users.


We take solutions from the Solve phase and continue to incorporate feedback from your team and user testing. We'll collaborate to make final decisions on UI elements, fine-tune UX, and perform QA to ensure the final outputs achieve your needs and your users' needs.


We'll tie up any loose ends and hand over deliverables during the Deliver phase. You'll give us the final sign off that you have everything you need after deliverable reviews. We understand our clients work with a number of code frameworks with different nuances. We'll make sure to include instructions on how to implement HTML, CSS, and JS into your existing framework.


Implementation can be a hectic time. We understand you need all hands on deck to get your product or website live. We'll be here to help you in any way we can from implementation and beyond. From ongoing QA to checking progress on achieving your KPIs, we want to see you succeed. We'll be in touch from time to time to get feedback about working with us and how we can help with your next product challenge.