HBITS-02-10900 / New York, NY 10007 / Full-Time

The duties of the consulting resource

  • Provide recommendations, guidance and actual implementation for new data marts, as well as improving and consolidating existing Data marts.
  • Participate and contribute to DW/BI projects throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Establish written best practices, procedures and generally provide guidance on DW/DM data model design
  • Create and maintain up-to-date documentation for all supported DW/DM, ETL
  • Plan, create, modify, maintain, test and implement code in support of any of the following: Source System extraction processes for the Data Warehouse, ETL processes, and BI Dashboards and reports. (R, Python)
  • Extract business rules from existing Data Warehouse built with Information Builders software toolset: WebFOCUS, RSTAT, Data Migrator, and Performance Management Framework (PMF).
  • Develop and maintain Spotfire systems (including prediction models written in R, TERR and automation services)
  • Automation of source system data extraction processes and data loading of the Data Warehouse.
  • Operationalize prediction models
  • The consultant will adhere to NYSIF's application development standards, including, but not limited to, project management methodology, SDLC (software development life cycle), Enterprise Architecture standards and the IT governance process. Support the BI Data Warehouse using TIBCO Spotfire, Information Builders software toolset: Data Migrator, WebFOCUS

Expert Systems Architect

Defines the architecture of a computerized system (i.e., a system composed of software and hardware) in order to fulfill certain requirement, including a breakdown of the system into components, the component interactions and interfaces (including with the environment, especially the user), and the technologies and resources to be used in the design.

Expert (84+ months):

Candidate is able to provide guidance to large teams and/or has extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field.

  • 84-month experience in designing and implementing data warehouse solutions supporting statutory accounting/reporting, premium analysis for worker's compensation and disability insurance industry
  • 84-month experience in designing and implementing transactional systems supporting billing, collection, policy administration, and premium calculation for worker's compensation and disability insurance industry
  • 84-months Data Modeling experience in designing and creating DataMart, Data warehouse using Star & Snowflake Schemas in workers Compensation Insurance and disability industry working with ERwin
  • 84-months experience with developing and maintaining predictive systems written in R and Python using TIBCO TERR and Automation services.
  • 84-months experience with TIBCO Spotfire Analyst, Web Player and Business Authors, using Iron Python, Java Scripts
  • 84-months experience with Information Builders Software Toolset [WebFOCUS, iWay WebFOCUS Developer Studio, Data Migrator, and RSTAT]
  • 84-month experience in developing, documenting, maintaining end to end ETL data pipeline using IBI Data Migrator.
  • 84-months experience in Oracle PL/SQL development, including triggers, stored procedures, packages, and advanced query optimization, database design and implementation.
  • 48-month experience in Active Batch and Visual Build Pro
  • 48-month experience with Innotas
  • Please submit copy of resume, certificate, degree, etc.