HBITS-01-10708 / Rensselaer, NY 12144 / Full-Time

Child Care Facility System (CCFS)FAMS

The Child Care Facility System (CCFS) will continue to meet the needs of the Division of Child Care Services (DCCS) throughout 2020, 2021 and 2022. The Division seems to be moving in some new directions due to changing priorities as well as the dictates of changing statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • 1. Modifications and new features within CCFS to support the new CCDBG regulations. Some of the anticipated areas affected are serious injury reporting, background checks, safety assessments, and inspections for Legally Exempt programs.
  • 2. Changes within CCFS to support integration with the Child Care Facility Application and Management project.
  • 3. Potentially will be developing an integrated public child care web search incorporating both CCFS facilities and NYC Group Day Care programs
  • 4. Development of an Enforcement component of the system
  • 5. Development of a Pre-K indicator and potentially a web service with NYS DOE
  • 6. Redesigning the renewal training component of CCFS, including the creation of a web service to interface with the Aspire system operated by CUNY.
  • 7. Continuing the re-write of the application into .Net from PowerBuilder. This effort has been ongoing but is a multi-phased project that is expected to span multiple fiscal years. The current projected completion date is 2024.
  • 8. The Legally Exempt portion of CCFS will need to undergo rather extensive enhancements, to accommodate issues identified from user experience and Federal mandates coming to bear on the NYS subsidy program.

This position is for a 24-month period and will provide OCFS- IT support with skilled resource needed as well as follow the structure and standards to ensure better quality of service to the user community. Due to the ever-changing Legal Mandates the system continues to require enhancements and updates. Without this resource the unit’s ability to respond to the users’ needs would be compromised and the quality of the solutions would be affected.

Day to day tasks to be provided by the selected candidate:

  • 1. Work in coordination with a team of developers to expand the current system.
  • 2. Work with Business Analyst on analysis and logical design.
  • 3. Perform unit testing and correct all identified bugs.
  • 4. Assist with responding to Day Care data requests.
  • 5. The individual in this position will work under the direction of a Technical Lead & Project Manager.

Expert Systems Developer

Develops and implements applications and programs for the backend processing systems used in businesses and organizations.

Expert 84+ months

Candidate is able to provide guidance to large teams and/or has extensive industry experience and is considered at the top of his/her field.

  • 36 months experience developing.net web applications
  • 60 months experience in designing and developing applications using WPF
  • 84 months experience with PL/SQL writing packages stored procedures and triggers.
  • 24 months experience utilizing MVVM Pattern
  • 12 months experience designing and developing mobile application on IOS, Android, Windows using Xamarin
  • 6. Bachelor’s degree.