HBITS-01-10693 / Rochester, NY 14609 / Full-Time

  • .NET website and interface assistance
  • Update and modify .NET (DNN) modules and website code
  • Work on system to system interfaces (.NET and C# code)
  • Develop GTFS feed via Google GTFS laid specifics with organization data
  • MS SQL, Visual Studio, Microsoft Shop
  • In-House system training (approx. 1 week)
  • Candidate will be asked to document, in writing, all code changes and any procedures/steps taken to troubleshoot any programming or related work so that knowledge may be retained by RGRTA for future use.

NOTE: This position may be remote during the COVID-19 pandemic. It may resume on-site when the pandemic is over.

Mid-Level Programmer

Creates computer software. May specialize in one area of computer software or may write code for many kinds of software.


Required Experience: 36 - 60 months

Preferred Skills: Candidate is able to work independently, without assistance

  • 36 Months Experience with C# Development
  • 18 Months Experience with DNN
  • 24 Months of experience with Microsoft SQL Server
  • 24 Months experience with Visual Studio 2012 or above